Episode #106 – Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard of Ozz

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Lead up to the Album:

  • Ozzy was in LA auditioning guitarists and hired Randy after two auditions, though Ozzy was so intoxicated he seems to think it was only one.
  • They two of them jammed with Dana Strum and Franki Banali.
  • After auditions Ozzy returned to England where he met Bob Daisley.
  • Management was reluctant to hire an American guitarist as the lineup was intended to be all British.
  • It’s said they wanted to recruit Gary Moore but that he wasn’t interested in the project.


  • Bass Guitar, Harmony Vocals, Gong – Bob Daisley
    • Previously with Khavas Jute, Mungo Jerry, Widowmaker, and Rainbow, where we last left him on the show.
    • Daisley and Ozzy met at the Music Machine in Camden Town in Northwest London.
    • Ozzy suggested they form a band with Randy Rhoads having just met him in Los Angeles.
    • Would later leave Ozzy with Kerslake to join Uriah Heep for two albums, “Abominog” and “Head First.”
  • Drums, Percussion, Tubular Bells, Timpani – Lee Kerslake
    • Previously in The Gods, Head Machine, Toe Fat, National Head Band, and of course with Uriah Heep through most of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.
    • He met Ozzy by chance in an elevator at the Kings Cross Hotel in Australia and Ozzy decided to hire him for Blizard of Ozz.
    • Worked with Ozzy on his first two solo albums until his mother became il in 1981 and he left the band to care for her.
  • Guitar [All Guitars] – Randy Rhoads
    • Recorded two albums with Quiet Riot.
    • Ozzy was in LA auditioning guitarists when Dana Strum called Randy Rhoads to persuade him to audition.
    • Rhoads said he never met Ozzy during the audition as he remained in the control room and told him he got the gig.  It was Dana Strum to came out to tell him got the job.  Rhoads said he played only a few riffs.
  • Keyboards – Don Airey
    • Covered extensively on The Deep Purple Podcast.
  • Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals – Ozzy Osbourne
    • You know who Ozzy is.


Album Art & Booklet Review

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Album Tracks:

Side One:

  1. I Don’t Know (Daisley, Osbourne, Rhoads)
  2. Crazy Train (Daisley, Osbourne, Rhoads)
  3. Goodbye to Romance  (Daisley, Osbourne, Rhoads)
  4. Dee (Rhoads)
  5. Suicide Solution (Daisley, Osbourne, Rhoads)

Side Two:

  1. Mr. Crowley  (Daisley, Osbourne, Rhoads)
    • Airey claims writing credits on this song.
  2. No Bone Movies  (Daisley, Osbourne, Kerslake, Rhoads)
  3. Revelation (Mother Earth) (Daisley, Osbourne, Rhoads)
    • Airey claims writing credits on this song.
  4. Steal Away (The Night) (Daisley, Osbourne, Rhoads)

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Reception and Review

  • According to Daisley, “When the album was released the words ‘Ozzy Osbourne’ were in bigger print than ‘The Blizzard of Ozz’ which made it look like an Ozzy Osbourne album called The Blizzard of Ozz. Randy [Rhoads] was never one to rock the boat. He knew he was in a situation which was a good opportunity for him being relatively unknown, so when Lee (Kerslake) and I were ousted, Randy had no allies and the act became ‘Ozzy Osbourne’ and no longer a band.”

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