Bonus Episode #13 – Whitesnake – Slide It In (UK vs. US Release Comparison)

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In this bonus episode Nate does side-by-side comparisons of each track on the UK release vs. the US release. If for some reason you haven’t had enough “Slide It In” this week then give this one a listen!

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Bonus Episode #12 – Grunge Talk with Nate & John

Recently John appeared on episode #263 of the HaskinCast Podcast as part of a round table discussion talking about the Grunge music era of the early 90s. This sparked an unplanned discussion during episode #181 of our show which we cut out and include here as a bonus episode. If you want to hear John complain about Grunge then listen to HaskinCast Episode #263 – Roubdtable – When Grunge Hit. If you want to hear him complain more about Grunge music then listen to this bonus episode as well!

Bonus Episode #8 – Coverdale Page Ratings & Videos

Link to video on Cocoscope:

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In this bonus episode we recap our album rankings for Coverdale • Page and dive into the video for “Take Me For a Little While”  as well as Page live with Plant.

Bonus Episode #7 – Don Airey Interview

In this episode we are joined by none other than Don Airey! We discuss the upcoming Whoosh! album, working with Bob Ezrin, his time with Ozzy and Black Sabbath, playing with Randy Rhoads and Gary Moore, Hammond organs, Ritchie Blackmore, working with David Coverdale and Whitesnake, winning the Eurovision song contest and much, much more!

Don Airey shows off his 1984 Ozzy Osbourne tour itinerary.

It was a huge thrill for us to talk about a keyboardist we’ve admired since we were kids. Imagine our reaction when he whipped out this little gem during our chat!