Nate & John Guest Host on 70s Weekly Countdown with Mark & Pete: Episode 52: Our One Year Anniversary Spectacular, The Top 50 Songs of the 1970s

Tonight’s the night for our one year anniversary show. It’s a family affair as we welcome and are reunited with our special guests Nathan Beaudry and John Mottola from The Deep Purple Podcast. My sweet lord, as green as the way we were when we first began, I can see clearly now how we’ve been stayin’ alive for 52 episodes.  We won’t be going as far back as December 1963, but we will be looking at the Billboard top 50 Songs from the 1970s, as broadcast on the AT40 Episode from January 5, 1980. Although there are quite a few foreign acts in this countdown, for the most part it is a big slice of American pie. We’ll be talking about a few bad girls we knew, like Maggie May from Britain who was three times a lady, and my Sharona, who was a true blue American woman. There may be a few silly love songs, and perhaps a stinker, but one bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch.

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