Episode #204 – Whitesnake – 1987 (Part 2)

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  • Not sure if this is random or on purpose but it dawned on me recently that the Battle Rages On album has two song titles that are the same exact names of two of the most iconic Bond girls during Roger Moore’s reign, Solitaire (Live and Let Die) and Anya (The Spy Who Loved Me).
  • Take care 
  • Ron 

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Album Tracks (US):

  1. Give Me All Your Love
    • DC in Metal Hammer UK, “In His Own Words” article: “”This is definitely written for a live set and it is a song about the lady who is featured in the video. The same lady who appears in the ‘Is This Love’ video.”
  2. Is This Love
    • DC in Metal Hammer UK, “In His Own Words” article: “The concept of that was originally for Tina Turner, but the lyric got pretty personal so I kept it. I didn’t write it especially for her, the actual structure of the song was based loosely around a song called ‘Time And Again’ from Northwinds and when I started getting more into the lyric of it it became a very personal statement and | decided not to present it to the lady. Maybe one day, but it seems to be kicking substantial arse, as they say. It’s at number two at the moment and another reason that I’m all over the place, apart from trying to give up smoking, is that I’m waiting too on the news to find out whether we’ve got the number one spot. If we can plant the flag on the top of the mountain after climbing so high, it would be a double treat. The people I work with are confident that this album will be in the top five for the next four or five months… It’s doing incredibly well.”
  3. Children of the Night
    • DC in Metal Hammer UK, “In His Own Words” article: “This is another anthem job. Some of these are arranged purely and simply for live per-formance, but the sentiments are strong. Over here I’II be opening the show with ‘Bad Boys’ going into ‘Children Of The Night’ and reprising with ‘Bad Boys’ again. So that there are fireworks right at the start. If you listen to the album it is arranged purely and simply as a kind of studio-concert record. It’s got all the ball breakers and then the pause for. breath and then the ball breakers again.”
  4. Straight for the Heart
    • DC in Metal Hammer UK, “In His Own Words” article improperly titled “Straight To The Heart”: “”This is another related song, it s a cousin of ‘Guilty Of Love’ and this is one track that I was a little disappointed with, but I’m hearing more and more positive reports about it. I felt it was the weakest, but a lot of the press said that ‘Children Of The Night’ was the weakest, but I don’t think so. It could have been better. It has come out well though.
  5. Don’t Turn Away
    • DC in Metal Hammer UK, “In His Own Words” article: “”It’s to do with the separation between my beautiful ex and me. It’s double edged, it’s like her talking to me and me talking to her.”

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Bustin’ Out The Spreadsheet

Reception and Charts:

Merch, Etc.

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  • Darker Than Blue
    • “Like Gary Moore’s band, or Blizzard Of Oz, Whitesnake are now a replaceable backing band, but this album was written while they were still a proper group. While I think It’s probably my favourite by them to date, it still contains too many fillers. “Still Of The Night” is the best track, even If it does rip off Zeppelin’s Rock’n Roll. It’s a new direction for them and a much more adventurous effort than many. I was it surprised it did so well as a single too as it’s so long, and unlike normal fodder. “Bad Boys” is a rabble rouser. “Give Me All Your Love” is a real filler, it could be off any of their albums. “Looking For Love” is great. Slow, with mournful lyrics, it’s got a great vocal. On side two we get the redone “Crying In The Rain”. I prefer the original on Saints ‘n Sinners, this lacks atmosphere. “Is This Love”strikes me as being soppy rather than emotional. The remainder of the album is rarely above average, “Straight From The Heart” sounds recycled, only “Don’t Turn Away” comes out of it well.
    • On the singles, “Here I Go Again : 87” is very like the original, I don’t really see why they bothered. “Your Gonna Break My Heart Again” on the 12″ is rather better than some of the album tracks in my opinion. In all, some tracks are among the best that he’s done, but too many are substandard. I would appreciate some variation in subject matter, most of it being to do with horizontal pursuits as ever. However it has prompted me to get back into the albums again, though the chance of him ever doing that definitive LP seen to disappearing.” Michael Kearns

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