Episode #104 – Tony Ashton & Jon Lord – First of the Big Bands

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Lead up to the Album:

  • Tony Ashton had previously worked with Jon Lord when Ashton, Gardner, and Dyke had worked with Jon Lord on his movie soundtrack for “The Last Rebel.”
  • It was recorded at three studios: Air Studios, Apple Studios, and De Lane Lea, all in London.


  • Tony Ashton – Hammond organ, piano, vocals
  • Jon Lord – Hammond organ, piano
  • Carmine Appice – Drums
  • Cozy Powell – Drums
  • Terry Cox – Drums
    • Best known for his work with Elton John and David Bowie.
  • Ian Paice – Drums
  • Frank Ricotti – Percussion, vibraphone
  • Jim Cregan – Guitar
    • Was the bass player in Family working with Tony Ashton on the “It’s Only A Movie” album.
  • Jerry Donahue – Guitar
    • Danny Gatton praised him for being the”string-bending king of the planet.”
    • Part of the folk group Fotheringay with Pat Donaldson
  • Peter Frampton – Guitar
  • Mick Clarke – Guitar
  • Pat Donaldson – Bass guitar
    • Part of the folk group Fotheringay with Jerry Donahue
  • Dave Caswell – Trumpet
  • Mike Davis – Trumpet
  • John Mumford – Trombone
  • Dick Parry – Saxophone
    • Worked with Pink Floyd and provided the solos on the songs “Money,” “Us and Them,” and “Shine on You Crazy Diamond.”
  • Howie Casey – Saxophone
    • Featured on Malice in Wonderland
    • Also worked with Paul McCartney in Wings
  • Madeline Bell – Backup vocals
  • Tony Ferguson – Backing vocals
  • Jimmy Helms – Backing vocals
    • Vocalist from The Butterfly Ball
    • Also a member of Londonbeat
  • Kenny Rowe – Backing vocals
  • Graham White – Backing vocals
  • Jo Ann Williams – Backing vocals
  • Roger Willis – Backing vocals


Album Art & Booklet Review

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Album Tracks:

Side One:

  1. We’re Gonna Make It (Ashton, Lord)
  2. Downside Upside Down (Ashton, Lord)
  3. Band of the Salvation Army Band (Ashton, Lord)
  4. Silly Boy (Ashton, Lord)
  5. Surrender Me (Ashton)

Side Two:

  1. Celebration (Ashton, Lord)
  2. I Been Lonely (Ashton)
  3. Shut Up (Ashton, Lord)
  4. Ballad of Mr. Giver (Ashton, Lord)

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Reception and Review

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