Episode #51 – California Jam (Part 2)

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  • Deep Purple Bios

Additional Audio/Video from Show:

  1. Burn – 8:00 version
  2. Lay Down, Stay Down from California Jamming CD – 14:20 on DVD rip video
  3. Extended plays and camera angles


Mike Stark on Rock 50 with Don Branker

  • 1:34 minute mark starts to describe the show

Reception and Review

  • Allen Pamplin
  • Letter from Don Hearston to Sandy Feldman (TV executive who promoted the show and sadly passed away in 1996) – https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1996-02-07-mn-33346-story.html
  • Letter from City of Ontario Fire Department to Sandy Feldman
  • Deep Purple – Lets celebrate the California Jam from April 1974 – short documentary that reviews how the show ran with some clips of the acts
    • 5:30 – “Mad John” and Simon interviewed about DP’s exploding amps
  • 19740402 – BIllboard discusses money Deep Purple are making
  • 19740404 Santa Ana Register gets it all wrong!
  • 19740406 – ‘Salbuquerque Tribune – ‘California Jam’ rock fans jam up traffic for 13 miles
  • 19740408 Connellsville Daily Courier – “Police Surprised at Quiet Nature of Rock Concer”
  • 19740408 Huntingdon Daily News – “caused no trouble and few arrests.”
  • TV: ‘California Jam’ Simulates Live Rock Session – NY Times, scanned, some of text garbled

This Week in Purple History . . .

  • April 14, 1945 – Ritchie Blackmore is born
  • April 15, 1977 – Ian Gillan Band releases Clear Air Turbulence
  • April 14, 1978 – Ritchie Blackmore Rainbow releases Long Live Rock 

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