Episode #271 – David Coverdale – Into the Light (Part 1)

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Lead up to the Album:

  • In late 1999 and early 2000 there had been rumors that David Coverdale was being considered to replace Gary Cherone in Van Halen. David Coverdale said it was possible as he had been approached to replace initially when Sammy Hagar left.
  • Rumors also began circulating that Coverdale was working on a solo project.  These turned out to be true.
  • Coverdale mentioned that the name of the album was literal in that he felt he was coming out of a dark period and trying to rediscover who he was.
  • Coverdale rented a house near to his own which they used for writing and rehearsing the songs on the album. He said this was one of the most prolific writing periods in his life.
  • They submitted over twenty songs for the album and ended up letting the producers choose the songs that would go on the album.
  • They spent three months at a studio in L.A. and three more at Coverdale’s home studio in Lake Tahoe.  According to Coverdale he had missed out on so much of his daughter growing up that he wanted to stay close to his wife and son so that he didn’t miss as much this time around.
  • This is the first album that Coverdale recorded completely digitally using Pro Tools. He had long railed against digital recording because it lacked the “warmth” of analog but after being exposed to this way of recording he considered himself a “digital convert.”  He is quoted as saying that there is “really no difference” between the sound of digital and analog recording.
  • In interviews Coverdale said that he felt this music was “more honest” and that he didn’t have to suit his songwriting to a particular band. He was able to use whatever musicians he want that would best suit the tracks at hand.

Core Band:


Album Art & Booklet Review

  • photography & creative coordination by russell young.
  • art direction & design by stylorouge.
  • midnight blue angel: cynthia
  • Russell Young – photography, creative coordination
    • Did early photography for R.E.M. and The Smiths.
    • Photographed the cover for “Faith” by George Michael.
  • Stylorouge – art direction, design
    • Did many album designs for Siouxiee and the Banshees, Dr. John, The Cure, and many more.
  • Koh Sakai – liner notes (Japanese edition only)

Liner notes:

produced by david coverdale on behalf of 8 Angels Productions.

associate producers: bossi, mcintyre, thorsrud and x mixed by: john x volaitis.

tracks engineered by: rich veltrop and doug bossi d.c. recorded by: michael mcintyre.

pro tools engineers: bjorn thorsrud and michael mcintyre

assistant mix engineer: dylan vaughanmastered by: george marino.

management: morey management group – jim morey, andrew leff and jason morey

business management: gelfand, rennert, feldman and brown – nicholas brown, stephen marks, rhoda weintraub and trevor robinson, legal: russells of london: tony russell, chris organ and alan lander. photography & creative coordination by russell young.

art direction & design by stylorouge. midnight blue angel: cynthia. all songs published by north C music 8 Angels Productions and north C music are subsidiaries of w.r.e.i.

technical support:

144 gigabyte of thanks to bob cacciatore and wolfgang at xistor.com for pro tools support and the ‘coolest hard drive systems on the planet, bob and greg at bizarre guitar, terry and scott at starsound audio, bobby and anthony at mates, andy at apogee, tim godwinn at line 6, Di Aural Inc., bitheadz.com

very special thanks to:

geoff brandenberg, christie lee, holly beatie, roberta lew, peter darvis, bob blanchard, johnny morris, tu bears, verlyn cutler, The Magnificent Seven and Sarah Divine rupert perry, tony wadsworth, mark collen, trudy bellinger and all at emi, nicholas and jim, jen samaria, bobby collin and all at mmg, the x factor, dave thomas, clarissa and bryce, denny and lori, caroline, leah, maggie, beth and linda, debbie and richard poudrier, nick the teeth duncan, harry dash, dr. edward kantor, dr. emily smith, dr. louis bonaldi, the ministry of blues, syl and mare-y, pam, ron and c.j., chris blanchard, russell young and finagle, mr. ugly pants, lake tahoe, paul newman, dalai bob, adrian, saskia and mickey (like the mouse), koh and masa, kim mongillo, charlie jacobs, the barker family, frankie the cheese, the boners, gary marks, chris and sue wilson, masta killa b, johnny hair, the atkinson family, joyce and kerry at incline travel, Gaia, the chateau marmont, bar marmont and the sheraton universal, the b.v.d.’s, julie nails, claudia and enrique, laura velasco, soundwaves, stephen barr, skip at northern light, the wild alaskan fish company, whitesnake, deep purple, austin powers, lava lamps, candles, essential oils, crystals, jimmy page, the witches of incline, kipper, marco pierre white, tony z, t.j. and winnie may, isis, sabu and floyd, my beloved children jessica and jasper and the love of my life, cindy, Lord Michael and the Beloved Presence of God.

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Album Tracks:

  1. Into the Light
  2. River Song
    • Guitar [Intro] – Doug Bossi
    • Guitar [Outro] – Doug Bossi, Earl Slick
    • Jasper Coverdale – shaker
    • This song was originally written for a possible second album with Jimmy Page. Coverdale is said to have had this song back in the 80s and there is a demo version on the 35th anniversary edition of “Slide It In.”
    • Coverdale says that this song is a tribute to Jimi Hendrix. Finnigan, who plays keyboards on this, also played on “Electric Ladyland.” Finnigan was meant to only be on this song but ended up playing on several tracks.
  3. She Give Me
  4. Don’t You Cry
  5. Love Is Blind (Coverdale, Slick)
  6. Slave (Coverdale, Slick)
    • Guitar: Doug Bossi and Earl Slick
    • Coverdale is credited for music, Slick for lyrics.
    • This was released as a promo single and reached #33 on the BIllboard Mainstream Rock Charts.

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