Episode #237 – Hughes-O-Ween 2023: Deep Purple’s Spookiest Moments

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  • Ritchie Pranks
  • The Occult
    • Blackmore’s interest in ghosts
      • Blackmore has much interest in the spiritual world and talked many times about séances and experiences he had in his life. In an interview with The Guardian back in 2017 the guitarist talked about ghosts and a haunted clock he owns.
      • The Guardian journalist Michael Hann visited Blackmore’s house basement that has a bar in it, in Long Island at the time. Ex-Deep Purple guitarist said when they were going downstairs that he would notice “that vibe of being haunted”.
      • Blackmore presented a clock in the bar that was gift from a friend and is haunted, saying: “It only chimes when it’s in agreement with something. Or when we’re talking on a frequency the clock understands. It’s a very strange thing. And if we ever talk about religious things, it gets excited and it starts going off.”
      • The guitarist also said he has a theory that ghosts are attracted to religious people and symbols:
      • “I don’t know if that taunts the ghost, or sets off an energy that excites them. I was watching a show last night. They were investigating this house and sure enough there were crucifixes and religious pictures all over the place. It’s strange they hadn’t figured that one out and thought it might have been causing ghostly activity.”
      • “I find it a fascinating subject. Because we’re all going to end up going somewhere and it would be nice to know if it was a nice place.”
    • Ronnie James DIO warns about seances and conjuring demons
      • In 1983, Jacob Aranza, a young Texan minister of the church, took it upon himself to alert parents to the dangers of rock ‘n’ roll by exposing not only the overt sinful behaviour practised by its leading exponents but also to lay bare sinister Satanic messages secreted within the grooves of popular vinyl records. In his book Backward Masking Unmasked, Aranza noted that many of these messages “are tied in closely with witchcraft and Satan worship and encourage abnormal sexual behaviour and the use of drugs.” Yikes! With the book now long out of print, we feel it is our moral duty to once again shine a light on Aranza’s findings, so that susceptible young minds may be kept pure. Here’s some things we learned while poring over this litany of wickedness…
      • “Ritchie Blackmore’s music and message are certainly not that of a rainbow, but rather a ‘Lake of Fire’.” He may be a guitar god, but Deep Purple/Rainbow man Ritchie Blackmore’s interest in the occult is a concern for Jacob, not least because of the revelation that during live gigs Blackmore “astro-projects out of his body to float around the concert hall.” Revealing that Blackmore likes to record in a haunted 17th century castle, and citing songs such as A Black Magician, Stargazer and Tarot Woman as problematic, Jacob notes that even Blackmore himself has cautioned against occult dabblings, saying “A lot of people go to far, too soon…” Ominous.
  • Spooky Videos & Songs
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuoNu0Q304s – Ghost of John
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEWYRRaxFhU – Vincent Price
    • Rainbow ritchie phantom of the opera video
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqUx84-ljPE – cant let you go
    • Disturbing the Priest?
    • Phenomena
      • Dance with The Devil
    • Haunted
      • Deep Purple / Glenn Hughes
    • Power of the Moon?  Step By Step?
    • Bloodsucker
    • Bent Out of Shape:
      • Fire Dance (Blackmore, Turner, Glover, Rosenthal)
        • Joe says this song is about dabbling in the occult with Ritchie.
        • JLT says they were into Wicca and Alestair Crowley.  He says he was “literally possessed” to write this song.
        • He also claims they used to do seances with Jimmy Page.
      • Anybody There (Blackmore)
        • Joe Lynn Turner says this song was titled this way because the first three lines of any seance are “Is Anybody There?”
        • Ritchie says it’s a typo on the sleeve and there should be a question mark after the song title.
        • Ritchie says it’s based on Bach’s “Prelude in C.”

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Hughes-O-Ween (cont’d)

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