Episode #224 – Glenn Hughes – L.A. Blues Authority Volume II: Glenn Hughes – Blues (Part 2)

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Album Tracks:

  1. Shake the Ground (Hughes, Erickson)
    1. Lead Guitar [All] – Darren Housholder
    2. Bass – Tony Franklin
  2. Hey Buddy (You Got Me Wrong) (Hughes, Erickson, Franklin, Varney)
    1. Guitar [First Solo], Soloist – Paul Pesco
    2. Guitar [Intro, Slide Fills & 2nd Solo], Soloist – Craig Erickson
    3. Bass – Tony Franklin
  3. Have You Read the Book? (Hughes, Erickson)
    1. Guitar [First Solo], Soloist – Mick Mars
    2. Guitar [Intro, Outro & Fills] – Darren Housholder
    3. Bass – Tony Franklin
  4. Life of Misery (Hughes)
    1. Lead Guitar [All] – Craig Erickson
    2. Glenn Hughes’s favorite song on the album.
  5. Can’t Take Away My Pride (Hughes, Erickson)
    1. Slide Guitar [All] – Mick Mars
  6. A Right to Live (Hughes, Kotzen)
    1. Lead Guitar [All] – Richie Kotzen

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Bustin’ Out The Spreadsheet


  • Darker Than Blue Issue 45, July 1993
  • A Blues Authority Vol 2 – Album Review
    • GLENN HUGHES – BLUES – LA BLUES AUTHORITY Volume 2 : Roadrunner RR 9088 2: Germany : March 1993 CD
      From what I can gather, advance orders for this CD were so good that Roadrunner had to delay the release here to avoid running out of stock almost immediately. It hasn’t set the charts alight true, but there are people out there who have been itching to go out and buy a Glenn Hughes album for years. Have they been rewarded? The general opinion is this will do very nicely to be going on with. If we accept it for what it is, a glorified session, then it works well. Glenn is in fine form. Beyond that, the disc lacks any real musical soul. No matter how hard Glenn works, the backings sound very pedestrian really, and lack the excitement that a proper group might have brought to the proceedings. So far it is the opening couple of cuts which impressed me the most, but we’ll see how it developes with a little more air-time.
    • “The title of this album is rather misleading. The style is actually more LA hard rock/ blues, due no doubt to the numerous hot-shot guitar proteges on show. To be fair some of the playing isn’t bad (Erikson for example), it’s just that a lot of the material cries out for a guitarist who understands the dynamics and subtleties of blues influenced music-someone like Jeff Healey, Jimmie Vaughan etc. Glenn’s vocal performance is naturally the highlight. Let’s hope it bodes well for the future, and next time puts together a band that can mesh into a more individual sound to match his undoubed talents”. Roy Davies
    • VARIOUS ARTISTS / L.A. BLUES AUTHORITY : Roadrunner RR 2398 3: Holland : 1992 5″ CD.
      Spotted by Pierre Caeiro, this three track single kicks off with the only track on the ORIGINAL album to feature Glenn Hughes (a version of “Messin’ With The Kid”), so as Pierre rightly points out, it saves us forking out for the full price CD! However I don’t think it’s been issued properly in the UK, so it might take some finding.
  • Scream Magazine, Issue 14, 1993
    • Article not discussed on show as we got it after recording.
    • Translated by Øyvind Fjeldbu
    • Album received a 3 out of 6 score.
    • The journalist’s remarks are in bold, and Glenn’s answers are introduced by (Hughes) and put in brackets: 
    • That Glenn Hughes would do a comeback as a blues singer was probably not what most people would have expected. Even if the man has had a versatile career, he has – as far as I know – never been close to this kind of music. “Blues” contains – not surprisingly – clean and sharp blues! Very similar to what Gary Moore is doing, but maybe not so accomplished! Hughes’ vocal performance is impressive. The songs come and go, and it is difficult to highlight any one of them, even if the ballad probably is the best one. Essentially an album for die-hard fans and extreme blues freaks!
    • After some minor problems (the line was broken, my notes forgotten somewhere, bla, bla, bla…) I got to talk to a very stressed Glenn Hughes. I guess the man had had quite a few interviews earlier that day, as he seemed rather tense and tired. A completely awful phone line did not improve things at all! But I managed in the end to squeeze out of him the most important stuff, and I hope I can do a more relaxed interview with him when the “real” comeback record is released! Because “Blues”, as the current record is entitled, is just a foretaste of what is to come…
    • (Hughes) – “Yes, I made this record just for the fun of it, after Mike Varney asked me to sing lead on a song with L.A. Blues Authority. I did so, and had the idea to make a whole album with blues songs to have a break from the writing and recording of the other album. The fact is that it took me two weeks to write the songs, and two weeks to record them – so in a month the job was done. Very fun, indeed! The comeback album, as I have said I am currently working on, will be released at the end of the year.”
    • In other words, no reason to assume that Glenn will continue as a blues performer. This album is quite similar to what Gary Moore is doing, isn’t it?
    • (Hughes) – “Yes, correct. It probably is.”
    • The only difference is just that you sing better than him, right?
    • (Hughes) – “Of course”, he answers arrogantly.
    • The album is written with someone named Craig Erickson, a completely unknown in this game, and according to Glenn a fantastic guy. Other players on “Blues” is more or less every celebrity there is, for instance Mick Mars, John Norum, Richie Kotzen, Warren De Martini and many more! How did he get in touch with these people?
    • (Hughes) – “Well, they are all my friends, so as I kept writing songs I thought about who would fit the different songs in the best way, and then I simply asked them.”
    • Okay to have such friends, or what? Glenn Hughes performed a lot of the vocals on John Norum’s “Face The Truth” from last year. Is this something he can see himself continuing with?
    • (Hughes) – “No, I don’t think so. The thing is that at the moment I feel I’m finished singing on other people’s records. Now I want to do my own thing.”
    • So you don’t miss being a member in a band?
    • (Hughes) – “No! I want to be a solo artist.”
    • Glenn Hughes’ career has been long and characterized by good times and hard times. There is no hiding the fact that he has had huge drug and alcohol problems in his life, but these problems are now reportedly over. If we look at the bands and the projects he has been involved with, the list is infinitely long! Trapeze, Purple, Sabbath, Hughes/Thrall, Gary Moore, Phenomena, John Norum and KLF. When I ask him which one of these projects he values the most, he answers, surprisingly: 
    • (Hughes) – “The Hughes/Thrall period was probably the one I personally think was the best.”
    • He says why, too, but the noise in the telephone is now so intense that his voice simply disappears. Damn, that’s so irritating! The last thing I managed to catch from him was that he plans to do some shows in Sweden, but only the gods know who he is to play with!
    • According to himself, Glenn has no contact with his former bandmates in Purple etc. today. The man sure has some talent, so I guess it is just a matter of time before he gets a well-deserved comeback. We will find that out at the end of the year. In the meantime it is possible to hear him sing clean blues on this new album, which – as noted earlier – carries the very telling title “Blues”!

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