Episode #122 – Glenn Hughes – Play Me Out (Bonus Tracks)

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Lead up to the Album:

  • Episode #27 – Glenn Hughes – Play Me Out
  • During 1974 Glenn Hughes met David Bowie.  Angie Bowie told Hughes that David had seen him at California Jam and wanted to meet him.
  • Bowie was interested in how Glenn Hughes got into Deep Purple being more of a soul and R&B guy.
  • Bowie was present when Hughes was singing “Hold On” during the Stormbringer sessions.
  • Hughes says that for the rest of that summer he and Bowie were “inseparable.”
  • In the special edition 2 disc release it’s theorized that this album could have turned into a Hughes/Bowie collaboration or even another Trapeze album.
  • Play Me Out features a lot of lyrical content about losing his girlfriend to Jon Lord.
  • Hughes joined back up with Galley and Holland in Trapeze for a quick little US tour that was intended to precede a new studio album.
  • On the tour Trapeze performed “Space High” and “L.A. Cut Off.”
  • Things with Trapeze fell apart shortly after that and Hughes put his efforts toward the solo album.

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Bonus Tracks:

  1. Smile
    • Getting Near To You
      • Recorded at Axis Sound, Atlanta, March 1978
    • Fools Condition
      • Recorded at Axis Sound, Atlanta, March 1978
    • Take Me With You
      • Recorded on DAT at Glenn Hughes’ home studio, 1994
    • She Knows
      • Recorded on DAT at Glenn Hughes’ home studio, 1994

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      • Hank the Tank
      • Flight of the Rat Bat Blue Light

    Reception and Review

    • Jon Lord: “The amazing thing about Glenn was that, whatever bad state of health he was in through his addiction, his voice was always brilliant. HE always felt he could have fronted Purple, and I think he set out on ‘Play Me Out’ to show the rest of us what he could do. I always think it was also the way he wanted Purple to go after we’d recorded ‘Come Taste The Band.”
    • Play Me Out was released in July of 1977 and was not a commercial success.

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