Episode #88 – The Deep Purple Christmas Special 2020

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  • Listener Email of the week:
    • Hi guys! Just wanted to check in and let you know you I just discovered the podcast and have downloaded every episode. Obviously I’m a big Purple fan, as well as, all the branches of the family tree. Already listened to the first two episodes and now I have to keep going and refresh my memory on the early Purple that I don’t really reach for often.
    • One other thing…..you guys have to be from Rhode Island. First episode I heard you guys mention Great Woods, The Strand and that record shop in Apple Valley near the old movie theater I think. I’m a Pawtucket native so its cool to hear a local podcast. 
    • Looking forward to getting through the episodes and rediscovering all the Purple.
    • Cheers!
    • Steve
Photo by Colin Hart: https://www.facebook.com/colin.hart1/posts/10158648245889788

The Christmas Special:

  1. Blackmore’s Night – “Here We Come A-Caroling” – Official Lyric Video
  2. Christmas in Stowe, VT via Colin Hart.
    • https://www.facebook.com/colin.hart1/posts/10158648245889788
    • Here’s a shot taken in the Pub at Stowe of the band playing and singing Christmas Carols for whoever cared to listen. There was a little drinking involved, of course!
    • This was during the writing sessions for House of Blue Light in December 1985. The album was recorded at the Playhouse in Stowe a few months later.
    • Roger, Ian G., Jon and Ritchie. Charlie Lewis in the background.
    • Happy days!
  3. Merry Christmas Holiday 2020 From David Coverdale
  4. Christmas card… No its a deep purple non official release from Poland. Its a flexi disc in mono and playable on one side. You fool no one & a track by Demis Roussos. Comes in 4 different designs
  5. This photo is from 45 years ago – Roger Glover at Christmas time 1974.
  6. Deep Purple in the snow Switzerland 1985
  7. From the listeners:
    • Saul Evans
    • @EvansSaul
    • Back in the early 80’s I bought a Teddy bear for my 3 year old sister for Xmas. I told her it was called Ritchie Blackmore. Over the next couple of weeks my young sister would climb into my parent’s bed at night with Ritchie Blackmore in tow….
    • One day in a local small grocery stall, as we stood in a queue to by sister, very loudly proclaimed ” Would you like to sleep with Ritchie Blackmore mammy? I don’t mind if you want to sleep with Ritchie Blackmore, ‘ Most of the people who turned around knew my dad Geraint
    • gottahearemall
    • @gottahearemall
    • The band once played a rocked-up Silent Night onstage in 2009 or so in Italy. If I can find the recording again I’ll let you know!
    • Mike Ladano
    • @MikeLadano
    • Deep Purple are a Christmas band for me. I got so much Purple for Christmas. Battle Rages On may not be a Christmas tune to you… so why can I always picture myself listening under the tree?
    • Ian Minch
    • @ianminch
    • Isn’t Pictures of Home the ultimate Christmas Covid song? I’m alone here With emptiness eagles and snow Unfriendliness chilling my body And screaming out pictures of home
    • Georg Baumbach
    • @BaumbachGeorg
    • In 1978, as a ten-year-old boy, my parents made me a wonderful gift for Christmas. It was a small radio recorder. Instanty I started to discover the world of rock music. Two days Iater I listened to my first DP song: Child in Time. I’ve been in love with the band ever since!
  8. Rich Shailor: Nothing at All sounds like a Christmas song
  9. Deep Purple Beethoven meets Rock 1985
  10. 2016 MWJW the Warrens (Christmas lights with Deep purple) Christmas Day 2016
  11. Dead Daisies – Christmas Message From The Band
  12. Whitesnake Christmas Memories
  13. A Whitesnake Christmas… Farewell 2011. Forevermore.
  14. Deep Purple Christmas Ornament
  15. Peter Gardow’s DP Christmas Ornament
    • Nate – as I was driving home this evening I was thinking, I can share something I make, using my grandfather’s coppersmith tools and supplies – a Deep Purple Perfect Strangers logo ornament.  It is not done yet, but will be ready for when Santa comes and visits on Christmas.  Hope I make the cutoff – Pete
    • PS – let John know that I used a coping saw.
  16. Scott Haskin’s Tree skirt
  17. Whitesnake – the ending, whitesnake christmas, bow & devin’s photoshooooot Enschede Dec 3rd 2011
  18. Blackmore’s Night – Christmas Show on German TV 2007
    • 0:00 – Fur Uns Alle (For All of Us)
    • 5:00 – Christmas Eve
    • 9:00 – Ensemble
  19. David Coverdale | Whitesnake | How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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