Episode #63 – Trapeze – You Are The Music, We’re Just The Band

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    • https://www.nytimes.com/1998/10/11/weekinreview/october-4-10-a-bit-of-lucre-from-lucky-dog.html
    • October 4-10; A Bit of Lucre From Lucky Dog
    • By Seth Schiesel
    • Oct. 11, 1998
    • What do Larry Hagman from ”Dallas,” Isabel Sanford from ”The Jeffersons” and Joe Lynn Turner from the rock group Deep Purple have in common?
    • They are all dogs. At least, they help play dogs in television commercials for the Lucky Dog Phone Company, the first brand AT&T has created in its 113-year history that does not actually mention AT&T.
    • There is a good reason for that. Since 1885, AT&T, the nation’s largest communications company, has built an image based on trust, reliability, convenience and a sense of community (as in ”Reach out and touch someone”).
    • But the Lucky Dog campaign, which supports a new calling service called 10-10-345, is based on, well, good old greed.
    • Every day, AT&T will give away 345 prizes to people who use the service, plus a $1 million grand prize in January. Its market research found that people who like to save money with flat-rate services like Lucky Dog (a dime a minute, a dime to connect) also like sweepstakes.
    • The research may also have discovered something else: that a phone call is a basic consumer product rather than a high-tech way to improve someone’s life. Maybe that is why the AT&T executive who invented Lucky Dog used to market Diet Pepsi.
    • For the record, Mr. Hagman is the voice of a bull mastiff, Ms. Sanford a basset hound and Mr. Turner a mutt. SETH SCHIESEL

Lead up to the Album:

  • This was their last album with the lineup of Hughes, Galley, Holland.
  • First album not produced by John Lodge of the Moody Blues who had produced the first two
  • Songs split evenly between Hughes solo compositions and Mel/Tom Galley compositions.


Album Art & Booklet Review

  • Photography By [Back Cover]


Album Tracks:

Side one:

  1. Keepin’ Time (M. Galley, T. Galley)
  2. Coast To Coast (Hughes)
  3. What Is a Woman’s Role (Hughes)
  4. Way Back To The Bone (Hughes)

    Side two:

    1. Feelin’ So Much Better Now (Hughes)
    2. Will Your Love End (Hughes)
    3. Loser (M. Galley, T. Galley)
      • You Are The Music (M. Galley, T. Galley)

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