Episode #53 – One Year Anniversary Extravaganza

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    • Lionel_Hutz_, 04/10/2020 – FIVE STARS!
      • Unbelievably Researched Deep Dives
      • On some timeless classic albums, and some pretty terrible ones. It’s been great to hear the backstories on some of my alltime favorites, like “Machine Head” and “Burn”. But even better, hearing 7+ hours of indepth analysis of a talking animal concept album is what has kept me sane through quarantine.
    • Dubbleagle , 04/17/2020 – FIVE STARS!
      • 1st listen
      • I saw this show when it first aired , 14 years old I was .
      • Huge impact on my rock n roll sensibilities.
      • Great to hear your thoughts !

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Ian Desrosiers wishes the Deep Purple Podcast a happy anniversary.

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From The Providence Journal Bulletin – June 16, 1997 by Cristy DeAuraujo
From The Providence Journal Bulletin – June 16, 1997 by Cristy DeAuraujo

A review of the 1997 Providence Journal slang article by Cristy DeAuraujo

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