Episode #40 – Trapeze – Medusa

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  • Glenn Hughes – Bass and Vocals
    • Glenn Hughes on Wikipedia
    • Glenn Hughes on Discogs
    • Well covered in many episodes starting with Episode # – Before they were Purple (Part 3: Coverdale & Hughes)
  • Mel Galley – Guitar and Vocals
  • Dave Holland – Drums
    • Dave Holland on Wikipedia
    • Dave Holland on Discogs
    • Went on to play in Judas Priest
    • Also worked with Tony Iommi
    • Passed away January 16, 2018
    • Sad story of imprisonment and abuse plagued him until his death
    • Iommi had his drums re-recorded by another drummer after word of his illegal acts became public

Lead up to the Album:

  • First album with the trio lineup after Terry Rowley and John Jones left the band.
  • Mel Galley handled the bulk of the songwriting with his brother, Tom.
  • Signed to record label, Threshold Records, set up by The Moody Blues’s bass player John Lodge.
  • Trapeze would tour America six times in three years.  Very big in America, not as popular in the UK, much like early Deep Purple.

Album Art & Booklet Review

  • Cover [Illustration] – Phil Travers
    • Mistakenly credited as Pat Travers
      Did many Moody Blues album covers
  • Photography By – David Rohl

Companies, etc.


Album Tracks:

  1. Black Cloud (Mel Galley, Tom Galley)
    • Was released as a single
  2. Jury (Mel Galley, Tom Galley)
  3. Your Love Is Alright (Mel Galley, Glenn Hughes, Dave Holland)
  4. Touch My Life (Mel Galley, Tom Galley)
  5. Seafull (Hughes)
  6. Makes You Wanna Cry (Mel Galley, Tom Galley)
  7. Medusa (Hughes)
    • Favorite of John Bonham as we discussed in a previous episode
    • Glenn says in his book that this along with Black Cloud were huge for the band in the US and were played all over the radio.

Reception and Review

  • The band toured the USA supporting the Moody Blues including two shows at Carnegie Hall.
  • Review in American Hi

This Week in Purple History . . .

January 27 through February 2

  • February of 1976 – Rainbow begins recording Rising
  • January 28, 1986 – Black Sabbath releases Seventh Star
  • February 1, 2003 – Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates on re-entry – Kaplana Chawla had copies of Machine Head, Purpendicular, and Rainbow’s Down to Earth on Board. Steve Morse would later write “Contact Lost.”  Liked to wake up to “Space Truckin’” while in space. She had emailed the band members while in space.

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