Episode #90 – Deep Purple – Denmark ’72

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    • John Tramontanis — NEW PATRON ALERT!
      • I just came in today from my daily run after listening to #5, review of the album “Deep Purple”.
      • I have enjoyed the first 5 episodes and your “look back” at Mark I.
      • We all have our different opinions about the band and you all found much humor in these Mark I works, I do come at them with a different perspective.  I purchased “Shades” on vinyl in 1968 when I was 11 going on 12 years old.  Up till that point my LP collection consisted of mainly Beatles and Stones (great stuff) and assorted 45 singles from the AM radio playlist.  So when listening to these albums back then, there was no “In Rock” or “Burn” to compare them to at the time, and for that matter nothing else like it.  However, the DP vibe struck a strand of my DNA in these first 3 albums and has been with me ever since.  I can’t say that I disagree with your observations on Mark I, but, your observations are based on a different perspective.  But hey, I have been on internet boards for over 20 years discussing such differences and I am looking forward to listening to more of the DPP.
      • Put me down as a patron.
      • John Tramontanis
      • BTW – my only knit to pick is I feel you shortchanged “Why Didn’t Rosemary” in your review.  You moved on to the next track without giving a nod to the awesome shredding by RB during his 1:30+ solo, arguably the best Mark I guitar work (may have even heard 2 or 3 trills in there)   I rate 5 stars, easy.
      • Also, a shout out to John for pointing out what delineates Blackmore from most guitarists aside form his brilliant playing ability is the feeling he exudes from the instrument!!
      • Perhaps I will start listening to the more current episodes first, so I don’t hit you with these dated comments.
      • I really enjoy what your doing and appreciate your effort!!  It is so nice to hear talk about DP and the related tree.  Keep them coming.
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Show Updates:

Lead up to the Album:

  • Live in Concert 1972/73
  • Scandinavian Nights
  • Live in Copenhagen 1972
  • Performed on March 1, 1972 at KB Hallen in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Same stage Lars would see Deep Purple in February of 1973 at 9 years old. Where they held his tennis tournaments. (February 9, 1973)
  • On December 9 the Mark 3 lineup would debut on that same stage
  • Original building was destroyed in a fire in 2011 but was renovated and reopened in 2019.

Article from CD booklet translated by Frederik Gonzalez Olsen.

Superstar gets people to go to Deep Purple concerts The fact that Ian Gillan sings the role of Jesus on the album version of Jesus Christ Superstar is probably a significant reason for people showing up at the concerts of the beat group Deep Purple.

That’s the opinion of the leader, Jon Lord, who was in transit at Kastrup Airport yesterday, before the concerts at K.B. Hallen tonight, Odense on Friday and Århus on Saturday. 10.000 audience members. How long the group will last, Jon Lord doesn’t know.

He is betting on three years himself. Here, the group’s records are always among the most sold. As a part of a number of groups, he has visited Denmark 11-12 times himself, and finds the Danish audience to be open.

The strange thing about Jon Lord is that he didn’t listen to beat music until he was 16. Earlier, it was just jazz. And he has written a symphony for 38 [can’t read the number properly] instruments (it took him eight months).

– I feel the classical part of me is often expressed through my solos even though we play hard beat, but apparently that just adds colour, says Jon Lord, who plays the organ.

Album Tracks:

  1. Highway Star
  2. Strange Kind of Woman
  3. Child in Time
  4. The Mule
  5. Lazy
  6. Space Truckin’
  7. Fireball
  8. Lucille
  9. Black Night

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