Episode #74 – The Rod Evans Singles

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Lead up to the Recording:

  • July of 1969 to 1972, Rod did very little musically.
  • During this time he seems to have attended medical school in America.
  • Some sources such as Discogs say this single was released in October of 1970.
  • Jerry Bloom says it was released in October of 1971 (via Rod Evans Facebook Page in 2014).

Note from Maria, Rod’s ex-girlfriend:

Album Art & Booklet Review

  • Original official release.
  • Bootleg versions. “The Booby Bootlegs”

Album Tracks:

Side one:

  1. Hard To Be Without You (George Fischoff & Tony Powers)
    1. Rod Evans – 1970 – Hard To Be Without You
    2. George Fischoff
      1. A Julliard graduate. Youngest composer on Broadway in 1970.
      2. Tons of credits on Discogs including “98.6” by Barry St. John (and versions by others). “We Were Made For Each Other” by The Monkees.
      3. Wrote the song “Lazy Day” by Spanky and Our Gang.
    3. Tony Powers
      1. https://tonypowersmusic.com/home.html
      2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Powers
      3. Co-wrote the song “98.6 with George Fischoff.  Wrote the song “Odyssey” which was covered by KISS.

Side two:

  1. You Can’t Love a Child Like a Woman (Barry Gordon)
    1. Rod Evans – 1970 – You Can’t Love A Child Like A Woman
    2. Barry Gordon
      1. https://www.discogs.com/artist/1079471-Barry-Gordon
      2. At the age of 6 he recorded “Nuttin’ for Christmas”

Producer – Bobby Paris

  • Blue-Eyed soul singer from The Golden Keys
  • Produced some singles for Capitol Records through until the early 80s.

Bootleg Release:

According to DPAC.at bootleg was released in November of 1970.

For Further Information:

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