Episode #71 – Billy Cobham – Spectrum (with The Simple Man)

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Album Art & Booklet Review

  • Design [Album Design] – Stanislaw Zagorski
    • Polish graphic artist who worked on a number of album covers, mostly for jazz bands starting in the 60s.
  • Painting [Cover] – Jeff Snider (2)
    • Canadian musician and artist, only a few other entires on Discogs.
  • Photography By [Backliner Photo] – Armen Kachaturian
    • Did work for some other artists throughout the 70s, including Billy Cobham’s “Crosswinds” album.
  • Photography By [Inside Liner Photo] – Urve Kuusik
    • Did work for Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, Chicago, Earth Wind & Fire


  • Engineer [Recording & Re-mix] – Ken Scott
    • Engineered for The Beatles, Elton John, Pink Floyd


All selection written by William E Cobham Jr.

The personnel on all selections except Spectrum & Le Lis is Billy Coham,, percussion; Tommy Bolinm guitar; Jan Hammer, Electric piano, acoustic piano & Moog synthesizer; Leland Sklar, fender bass. There is no acoustic piano on Red Baron.

Moog synthesizer drum, Moog sample and hold devices were used on drum solos on Straus and Snoopy’s Search.

The personnel on Spectrum & Les Lis is Billy Cobham, percussion; Joe Farrell, flute & soprano sax on Spetrucm and alto on Le Lis; Jimmy POwens, fugelhorn on Spetctrum and flugelhorn & trumpet on Le Lis; John Tropea, guitar on Le Lis; Jan Hamer, electric piano & Moog synthesizer; Ron Carter, acoustic bass; Ray Barrelo, congas.

What is life but a spectrum and what is music but life itself. Billy Cobham, Jr.

Album Tracks:

Side one:

  1. Quadrant 4
  2. a) Searching For The Right Door b) Spectrum
  3. a) Anxiety b) Taurian Matador

Side two:

  1. Stratus
  2. a) To the Women in My Life b) Le Lis
  3. a) Snoopy’s Search b) Red Baron

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