Episode #68 – Whoosh! (Part 1)

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Show Updates:

Lead up to the Album:

  • Originally intended for June 12 release. Delayed because of COVID-19.
  • Lineup of band – debatable based on how you count.
    • Rich Shailor pointed out this is the most albums by any lineup with five.
    • Mark 2 release five with the Concerto so it’s debatable.
    • Longest lineup to stay together at 18 years and counting!


    • You know the lineup!

    Album Art & Booklet Review

    • Review of the cover.


    • Producer – Bob Ezrin

    Album Tracks:

    1. Throw My bones
    2. Drop the Weapon
    3. We’re All the Same in the Dark
    4. Nothing at All
    5. No Need to Shout
    6. Step by Step
    7. What the What
    8. The Long Way Round
    9. The Power of the Moon
    10. Remission Possible
    11. Man Alive
    12. And the Address
    13. Dancing in My Sleep

    Listener Mail/Comments

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