Episode #67 – Our Deep Purple Collections

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      • I have been listening to you guys for a while now and I feel like I am lucky to have found people who are even bigger fans than me who are also fun to listen to. In a strange way I think my favorite episode was on Captain Beyond because I always just assumed that they were a lame joke. Thanks for showing me that I was wrong! 
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  • Apple Podcasts Review – Dopefish , 07/05/2020 – 5 STARS!
    • Lots of detail, fun listen!
    • Glad to find a podcast that gives a crap about the fiddly detail about a band I like in the same way I do. Great listen if you’re at all into Deep Purple beyond Smoke on the Water!

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  • Joe Lynn Turner &  Back in the Saddle Again

John & Nate’s Collection Over the Years:

  • In this episode we go through some of the Deep Purple items we’ve collected over the years. Very little of this has any value to us other than emotional. If you’re looking for an impressive collection of one of a kind items, this episode is not for you. If you’re looking to see some items we collected as teenagers getting into Deep Purple then check it out!

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