Episode 76: Our 2nd Anniversary Extravaganza, Rock the Boat in the Navy

The last time we had them on, our fans cried for “more, more, more” of John and Nate from thewonderful Deep Purple Podcast. So in order to calm the widespread le freak of our audience, we invited them back to help us celebrate our 2 year anniversary.When the listeners said of John and Nate “we miss you”, they were serious. So when we ask them to be our guests, we were adamant with the guys that if we can’t have you, we don’t want anybody else. After 2 years, nobody has told us yet that we got to give it up, so knock on wood, we’ll be stayin’ alive for a bit longer. This week we check out all the hot stuff from the Billboard’s Top 40 Hits from the Disco Era (Broadcast the week of July 7, 1979). This countdown is a reminderthat you should be dancing. So get up and boogie and shake your body down to the ground!

Link to a listing of the songs in this week’s episode: https://leemichaelwithers.tripod.com/at40_disco.htm

Data Sources: Billboard Magazine, where the charts camefrom and on what the countdown was based.

Websites: allmusic.com, songfacts.com, wikipedia.com (because Mark’s lazy)

Books: “Ranking the 70’s” by Dann Isbell, and Bill Carroll

“American Top 40 With Casey Kasem (The 1970’s)” byPete Battistini.

Rejected Episode Titles:

Disco Inferno at the Y.M.C.A.

I’m Your Boogie Man, Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?

Dance Dance Dance, More More More

I Love the Nightlife in MacArthur Park

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