Episode #264 – Ian Gillan -Naked Thunder (Part 1)

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Lead up to the Album:

  • In 1989 Gillan had done a series of shows as Garth Rockett.  Gillan says the idea was to do a tour out of suitcases and never build it up into more than that.
  • Gillan writes in his 1993 autobiography Child in Time: “When I began to formulate plans to make the Naked Thunder album and rediscover my career as a major artist, there was disappointment and some harsh words were said when, in fact, all but Steve Morris would have no major place in this next stage.”
  • Gillan says he mentioned to Morris that he was going to do an album that Steve mentioned that he also wrote songs.
  • Gillan told him to send him some tapes.  He then describes the next morning having his cereal and doing the crossword while separating his mail into two piles, one for the bin and another to read.  He describes this one brown package with no return address that had way too much tape on it so he ended up getting frustrated and just threw it in the trash.  He says later that he was playing pool with Graham Underwood when he heard a backing track come on the speakers.  When Gillan asked where he’d gotten it he told him it was from Ian’s trash.
    • Earlier in the book Gillan describes Graham Underwood as: “  At around the same time, I’d also become friendly with Graham Underwood – drinking buddy, deadly pool opponent, car fixer, anything fixer, non-stop piss-taker and general partner in crime. Soon to be known as ‘Squiffy’, Graham easily slipped into the role of tour manager, general listener, troubleshooter and so on. Our first meeting was at some pub or other (where else?), when I discovered I had no money on me to stand my round. I asked Graham if he could lend me some, and he bought me two! I then asked again if he could help me out with a note, to which he said, ‘What do you want to drink?’ So I thought I’d better deal with this, and said, ‘Triple Scotch and Coke, please,’ which prompted him to lend me the money!”
  • Three of the four tracks on the tape would end up making the final album.
  • The album was made at Duncansby Cresecent Woodcray Studio, Amazon Studios, and Olympic Studios.
  • Gillan mentioned Bev Bevans playing on some tracks but he isn’t listed in the liner notes.
  • He also says John Gustafson – that man again.
  • Gillan said there’d been so many changes in the industry that he struggled to find a deal for the record.
  • They finally signed on to Teldec-East/West, releasing the album in July of 1990.

Core Band:


  • Producer – Leif Mases
    • Swedish producer and engineer
  • Keith Andrews – engineer
  • Al Stone – mixing

Album Art & Booklet Review

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Album Tracks:

All songs written by Ian Gillan and Steve Morris except where noted

  1. Gut Reaction
  2. Talking to You
  3. No Good Luck
  4. Nothing but the Best
  5. Loving on Borrowed Time
    • Duet with Carol Kenyon
  6. Sweet Lolita

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