Episode #244 – The Deep Purple Podcast Christmas Special (2023) – It’s a Purpleful Life

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  • Shamley, London, UK – 5 Stars
  • Outstanding
  • This is a great podcast. Deep Purple have always had a rich blend of genius and flaws, so the basic material is inherently fascinating. The two presenters are genuine fans and treat the band and its many offshoots and tentacles with humour and good judgement. I particularly appreciate that they give the Mark 4 lineup the respect it deserves. The main diet is album reviews; everyone has their own personal opinions on music but I find they are pretty much on the money. There is much more though, such as the brilliant episode about the bizarre ‘New Deep Purple’ in 1980, and their sonic archaeology that allowed us to hear Bolin’s last show properly. (Maybe they could do the same job on the last Mark 4 show in Liverpool?) Thanks for all your work Nathan and John – looking forward to what you will make of some of the other byways of the DP family tree – the Phenomena albums, Glenn’s time with the KLF, MGM or even Sam Brown’s ‘Stop!’ Album …

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