Episode #162 – Fandango (1977)

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    • Bass, Vocals – Bob Danyls
      • Most credits are from Fandango.
      • Did play on a Brian Connolly (from The Sweet) album:”Hypnotized.”
    • Drums – Abe Speller
    • Guitar, Lead Vocals – Joe Lynn Turner
      • Guitar, Vocals – Rick Blakemore
        • Went on to have writing credits on JLT albums, Alkatrazz, Ted Nugent, and Girlschool.
      • Keyboards, Vocals – Denny LaRue*
        • Also went on to have writing credits with Ted Nugent and others.
      • Piano, Clavinet, Synthesizer, Organ – Joe Delia
        • http://www.joedeliamusic.com/
        • Lots of credits on Discogs including being in Stevie Wonder’s band as well as The Isley Brothers and playing with Buster Pointdexter.
        • Also worked on music for movies.

      Additional Personnel:


      Album Art & Booklet Review

      • Art Direction – Ed Newmark
        • A few other scattered credits.
      • Design [Logo] – Peach Arts
        • Only credit is for Fandango logo.

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      Album Tracks:

      Side One:

      1. Headliner (LaRue, Blakemore)
      2. Down Down Down (LaRue, Blakemore)
      3. Jesse And Will (Blakemore)
      4. San Joaquin (LaRue, Blakemore)
      5. Life Of The Party (Delia, LaRue, Turner)

      Side Two:

      1. Shadow Boxing (LaRue, Blakemore)
      2. Helpless Heart (Meyers, Denny LaRue, Blakemore)
      3. Devil Rain (LaRue, Blakemore)
      4. Misery Road (LaRue, Blakemore)
      5. Goin’ Down For The Last Time (LaRue, Turner)

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