Episode #159 – Squares

No YouTube this week as our episode was banned.

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  • Bass, Vocals – Andy Milton
    • A couple of other credits including Crowded House and The Aqua Velvets.
  • Drums, Vocals – Jeff Campitelli
    • Went on to play drums for Joe Satriani solo including Surfing with the Alien.
  • Guitar, Vocals – Joe Satriani
  • Written-By – Andy Milton (tracks: A1 to B5), Jeff Campitelli (tracks: A1 to B5), Joe Satriani (tracks: A1 to B5), Neil Sheehan (2) (tracks: A1 to B5)
    • Neil Sheehan was Joe Satriani’s brother in law and co-wrote lyrics as well as managing the band.


  • Executive-Producer – Joe Satriani
  • Management [Artist Representation/Management] – Mick Brigden, Morty Wiggins
  • Producer, Mixed By, Recorded By – John Cuniberti
    • http://johncuniberti.com/
    • Produced a lot of the early Satriani stuff Not of the Earth, Surfing with the Alien, etc.
    • Also worked with Dead Kennedys, Tracy Chapman, Kevin Gilbert, PJ Harvey, Aaron Neville and the Grateful Dead.
  • Lacquer Cut By – HL*

Album Art & Booklet Review

  • Design [Package Design] – Ryan Corey
    • http://www.ryancorey.info/
    • Art director and designer
    • Worked on a number of albums including Guns ‘n’ Roses’s Chinese Democracy, Don Henley, Steely Dan, The Eagles, a lot of compilations and greatest hits.
  • Photography By [Album Cover Photo] – haygoodbros
    • Only entry on Discogs
  • Liner Notes – Joe Satriani

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Album Tracks:

First 10 tracks credited to Campitelli, Milton, Satriani, Sheehan.

Track 11 credited to Written-By – Barry Mann, Larry Kolber.

  1. Give It Up
    • Give It Up – Video on Youtube
    • Joe Satriani: “This song starts with the sound of my two Marshall half staks, cranked up at Hyde Street’s famous Studio C, where years later I would record ‘Surfing With The Alien.’ ‘Give It Up’ is a perfect example of what we thought at the time was the perfect blend of rock, punk, and new wave.”
  2. Everybody’s Girl
  3. B-Side Girl
  4. I Need A Lot Of Love
  5. Can’t Take It Anymore
  6. So Used Up
    • So Used Up – Video on Youtube
    • Joe Satriani: “One of the more unusual and progressive Squares songs, with lyrics that are a bit darker than our usual upbeat message. I still find the guitar arrangement unique and intriguing, and it’s one of my favorites to play.”
  7. You Can Light The Way
    • You Can Light The Way – Video on Youtube
    • Joe Satriani: “This is a great example of the band wanting to stretch and write more meaningful songs. I love John Cuniberti’s production. The backwards reverb on the acoustic guitar is awesome.”
  8. Tonight
  9. Never Let It Get You Down
    • Never Let It Get You Down – Video on Youtube
    • Joe Satriani: “Great lyrics from Neil Sheehan on this track. It’s got a positive message that still rings true. Can you hear my big nod to Mott the Hoople and ‘All The Young Dudes” on that last solo?”
  10. Follow That Heart
  11. I Love How You Love Me

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  • Quotes from Joe’s peers.

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