Episode #1 – Where Fans Begin (Show Notes)

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Discussion: How did we get into Deep Purple?

  • Why are we doing this podcast?
    • There aren’t any other podcasts!  Why? There are tons on other bands.  Maybe no one out there is interested in a Deep Purple podcast and that’s why none exist.  Either way there are two possible outcomes:
      • 1. ) People will appreciate this and want to enjoy more of it or
      • 2.) we get to explore our love of Deep Purple every week and no one listens.  Either way we win!
  • To get a chance to catch up on the band!
    • There’s lots by the band that I have yet to explore and this will give me a great opportunity to do just that.
  • What is your history with the band as a fan?
    • When did you first hear of the band or what really caught your attention and made you want to learn more.

In The News:

RITCHIE BLACKMORE’s RAINBOW To Release New Version Of ‘Black Sheep Of The Family’ This Month

David Coverdale Reveals “Untold” Secret About Deep Purple

  • It’s actually just the story about how he and Ian Paice toyed with starting a band with Phil Lynott.

Paice Ashton Lord – “Malice In Wonderland” reissue

  • Excitement around this release.

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