Podcast Guest Info

Thanks for being a guest on the The Deep Purple Podcast!

About the show:

The Deep Purple Podcast is a show all about Deep Purple and its extended family of musicians. We discuss history, review albums, and talk about the impact this vast body of work has had on our lives.

As a guest we look forward to hearing your unique perspective on what the band means to you and whatever the topic of the day is.

You get final say over any edits to ensure you are comfortable and happy with the episode you are featured in.


We record the show over Zoom. It records both audio and video. When we agree upon a time to have the show, I will create a Zoom meeting and send you a link to follow at the time of the show.

I record my voice and the guest’s voice separately in my recording software. If you can record just your end of the conversation, I can replace the audio I get from Zoom, which will result in better audio quality for the final product. (Most people set up a mic and record their voice in their own audio recording software. Using headphones will help prevent your mic from picking up my voice).

If you are not sure of what software to use I recommend the free program Audacity as it is free, easy to use, and has a lot of pro audio features should you need them.

Once we are done, you can send your voice recording to me via WeTransfer and I will splice it together with my audio for a better final product.

If recording your end of the conversation is not an option or inconvenient, no problem!


Below you can see what times I have available. Send me an email for the time that works best for you.

If none of these times work, send me a time or two that does and we will try to make it happen.


Thanks and I look forward to talking!